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Movable Storage

Forms Management Group has a variety of movable storage products.


Transfer your File Room into a Productive Work Center

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Safety will always be the number one design criteria at Jeter. Two anti-tip devices are included on all lateral mobile systems. First, an anti-tip connects the top of the front cabinets to the rear stationary cabinets. The other is an integral part of the carriage to prohibit derailment from the track. The track is low profile and very close to the floor. This permits step-in (not step-up) access for convenience.
Our high quality, modular shelf file cabinets help businesses save space. Jeter cabinets expand vertically by adding shelves to achieve the desired cabinet height. And, they are available in 2', 3', 31/2' and 4' width sections. You can custom design a system for any space requirement. When you find that even more file space is needed, we offer an easy solution: Simply transfer your cabinets to a Jeter Trax mobile system.


Custom Design Height and Width:
Jeter cabinets are available in a variety of widths and sizes. With our cabinet line, you can design a Trax system for almost any space requirement.







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