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Product Line Highlights

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1) Save space with a Jeter Trax system. This system is 7 rows high with 3 cabinets in back and 2 in front. It houses 1,260 filing inches (over 12,500 folders) in only 18 square feet.

2) Our floor decks are perfectly level, so your cabinets won’t drift out of position. We use 3/4" plywood and place adjusting screws with heavy steel plates every 12" for deck support.

3) Our systems can be installed in front of your existing cabinets, which will minimize disruption to your office during installation.

4) Each floor section joins together with 3/8" steel alignment pins. This keeps the rail surfaces uniform, so the carriages roll smoothly.

5) Each carriage is equipped with two channels that interconnect with the track and deck. This safety device prevents derailment.

6) Strong aluminum carriages are used to absorb the shock when pushed into position. The rubber end stops provide a 3/4" gap between file cabinets for user safety.

7) Our patented anti-tip device changes in elevation as it moves up and down in relationship to the rear cabinets. U.S. patent number 5,624,166 –– no other system offers such a securely connected safety system.

8) For referencing material at the file, we offer high quality, roll-out work shelves, allowing both hands to be free for filing. Our durable work shelves add 21/2" of height overall and 3/4" of depth to the file cabinet.

9) At Jeter, we provide everything an active file room needs –– including E-Z Roller high density mobile systems. Space and time are valuable assets. Jeter Systems can help you manage both.









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