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Movable Storage

Forms Management Group has a variety of movable storage products.


An Easy Answer to More Filing Space

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The space-conserving design of our storage equipment means that you use far less of your valuable office space. And, our systems can take the shape you want to offer the storage space you need: Letter, legal, x-ray, mini and custom sizes. Each Jeter mobile system is designed and built to the highest quality standards. For safe, reliable performance, our Trax system is the best lateral mobile you will find.

A lateral system is the most simplistic form of mobile high density storage. In this system, only the front cabinets are movable. You just roll the cabinets from side-to-side, allowing access to the cabinets behind them. Itís a great advantage that the rear row is completely independent from the front row. The movable carriages are placed in front of existing cabinets, so you experience minimal disruption during installation.



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