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Movable Storage

Forms Management Group has a variety of movable storage products.


E-Z Rollers unite Superior Design

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With an E-Z Roller system, rows of shelf cabinets become movable. By condensing rows and eliminating wasteful aisle space, you can normally double the capacity of your present filing area. Our mechanically aided E-Z Rollers feature a retractable handle to move rows effortlessly and create an aisle only where you need it. Operation is always smooth and consistent, due to the E-Z Roller direct drive system and the precise alignment of the carriages, wheels and rails.
Each system is custom-designed by Jeter for your specific room or storage configuration. For user safety, there are no gaps between the E-Z Roller track and deck surface. Its ramp is also low-profile for easy access to the system. A dependable parking brake engages easily to prevent unwanted carriage movement. And, for security, the system can be designed to completely close and lock. You can depend on a Jeter E-Z Roller, for its significant space savings, ease of use and dependability.




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