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Movable Storage

Forms Management Group has a variety of movable storage products.


Product Line Highlights

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  1) Our carriages achieve smooth, uniform motion. The cross-over chain connects the two drive shafts. Its the same heavy chain as used on Harley Davidson motorcycles. File cabinets bolt securely to the channel shown above the chain.  
  2) We use a chain tensioning system that compensates for chain stretch. It is a key component to ensure your mobile system remains service-free for the life of the unit.


  3) Tongue and groove 3/4" plywood creates a solid subfloor between the rails. Rubber fill is used to prevent gaps around the rail housing to offer safety and keep the system clear of debris. Leveling support screws are placed 16" apart.  
  4) We offer end panels in a variety of colors. A 3/4" gap between end panels ensures user safety. Label holders identify aisle contents.
  5) Our systems have unique, collapsible handles. The handles are 9" in length to provide greater leverage for easy carriage movement.
  6) When moveable carriages abruptly hit a stationary unit, thousands of pounds of energy must be absorbed. Our stationary carriages are bolted directly to the rails.  
  7) Our strong, ladder-shaped carriage frame is designed to support heavy weight loads. Each carriage is precisely square and true. And, that is why our systems roll so easily.  
  8) Jeter carriages provide recessed lips to contain the shelving within the carriage. This prevents the shelving from shifting during carriage movement.
  9) With our reliable safety brake, you can lock your system into place. Safety brakes are included on all x-ray systems and carriages 12' or longer.

  10) We offer a 24" deep, self-contained ramp, which is ADA compliant. All deck and ramp surfaces are smooth and free of tripping hazards.






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