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Forms Management Group, Inc. offers high quality lockable stationary & movable filing systems and supplies, Cabinets and Shelving designed for filing, movable storage systems and software. Manila file folders, custom and stock color coded labels, cabinets and shelving designed for record storage, box & inventory storage in a secure movable storage systems and software.

Movable Storage Systems allow Space Savings with Accessibility
Itís no secret that the fastest and most convenient way to file and retrieve records is with a stationary open shelf cabinet system. However, if space constraints won't allow that, then mobilizing your cabinets is the solution.

Folder Styles For Every Organization
Every customer we have expects the folders that house their valuable records to meet a specific set of needs. Many are looking for heavy-duty folders; often with printed information on the inside and outside. A variety of pockets, dividers, index labels and fastening devices inside the folder may be required. Jeter meets these needs ó including color-coding, bar coding, custom printing and other special requirements.

On-Demand Software

Our on-demand software solutions offers a web based HIPPA-Compliant Application delivery. Comprehensive RISK FREE practice automation and electronic medical records, scheduling, billing, electronic patient charting, ePrescription, eLab, eRad, Custom Website and others to doctors and allied healthcare professionals in private practices.

Eliminate expensive transcription costs, improve office workflow and reduce operating costs
Our software is offered as an on-demand Service /ASP so doctors pay an affordable monthly subscription fee, no initial investment and no contract to sign. We also provide in-house software installation. Our vision is to offer simple, easy, affordable, pain free technology - as a progression tool rather than a change. We let our software do the heavy lifting and make the software adjust to the doctors office habits rather than expect doctors and their staff to change to use technology.

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  Jeter Systems Corporation
Visit Jeter for a complete catalog of Mobile file systems and filing supplies. Christmas Special: Shop online with FMG Inc and receive a 20% discount on all Jeter products.
Visit for Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management.
Electronic Medical Records, Scheduling and Billing.

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